Owners List: The purpose of this part of the page is to document the whereabouts of some of the rare Cult items. I thought it would be fun if you wanted to submit the item you have, it's number, and your location, and we can see where in the world some of the rare Cult items propegate to. The items that I will list here will only be items that are numbered or very rare, so that we're not getting too carried away with things.

Here are the lists:

Death Cult: Ghost Dancers Vinyl (Bootleg):

Number: Name: Location:
4 Rodrigo de Arajo So Paulo, Brazil
13 Mikael Lund Karlstad, Sweden
76 Steven Holland Florida, USA
88 Pete Bradshaw London, England
173 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
257 Steven Holland Florida, USA
257 Mikiko Tokyo, Japan
257 Bernd Germany
257 Jon Taylor BC, Canada

Cult - Live In Sassuolo coloured vinyl (Limited edition 300 copies) (Bootleg):

Number: Name: Location:
-none- Steven Holland Florida, USA
-none- Bernd Germany
169 Rick Florida, USA
256 Alfredo Italy
276 Patrick Netherlands

Love Lithiograph by Hugh Brown:

Number: Name: Location:
285 Jon Taylor BC, Canada
1333 Christian Seattle, WA
3498 Christian Seattle, WA
3560 Steven Holland Florida, USA
3927 Steven Holland Florida, USA

Born To Be Wild 7" Single (Bootleg):

Number: Name: Location:
73 Steven Holland Florida, USA
79 Eric H Alberta, Canada
115 Adam Taylor Canada
127 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
274 Dave Burke Hamilton, Ontario
316 Bernd Germany
356 Jon Taylor BC, Canada
459 Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands

Edie (Ciao Baby) 7" Gatefold Single (UK):

Number: Name: Location:
100 Heidi Bray BC, Canada
319 Rick Florida, USA
786 Bernd Hildebrand Germany
1198 Darryl Vyse Coventry, England
2531 Bernd Germany
2569 Bill Hall Tempe, Arizona, USA
3085 Alfredo Italy
6133 Bart Zwevezele, Belgium
6274 Viddy Brighton, England
6294 Christian Copenhagen, Denmark
6308 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
6356 Joseph Sanchez Laguna Niguel, California
7385 John McConnel Glasgow, Scotland
7922 Marc Ilari Leige, Belgium
8183 Chris Oxford, UK
9346 Dave Vancouver, BC, Canada
9392 Fletch Glasgow, Scotland
10312 Mikiko Tokyo, Japan
12217 Dafydd Jones London, England
12447 Caesar Dusseldorf, Germany
12645 Nat Spain
12765 Dave Burke Hamilton, Ontario
13213 Rick Florida, USA
13893 Steven Holland Florida, USA
15868 Jeff Snavely -
16032 Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands

Sonic Temple LP Collection (Canada):

Number: Name: Location:
-None- Jason Willoughby Cullman, AL, USA
-None- Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands
1 Drew Sapey Toronto, ON, Canada
2 Drew Sapey Toronto, ON, Canada
6 Drew Sapey Toronto, ON, Canada
8 Drew Sapey Toronto, ON, Canada
151 Dave Burke Calgary, Alberta, Canada
345 Dave Anderson Montreal, Quebec, Canada
459 Dave Vancouver, BC, Canada
699 Adam Taylor Canada
879 Jon Taylor BC, Canada
1856 Heidi Bray BC, Canada
1893 Darryl Vyse Coventry, England
1999 Pierre Capt Switzerland
2319 Jon Taylor BC, Canada
2425 Dave Anderson Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2785 Paul Northamptonshire, England
3459 Paul Northamptonshire, England
3625 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
4345 Bernd Germany
4673 Jon Taylor BC, Canada

Sonic Temple CD Collection (Canada):

Number: Name: Location:
-None- Jon Taylor BC, Canada
-None- Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands
971 Keith Dodge Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
2956 Dave Vancouver, BC, Canada
3331 Paul Northamptonshire, England
3407 Heidi Bray BC, Canada
4003 Kathy Australia
4068 Dave Anderson Montreal, Quebec, Canada
4704 Jay Enyart Belleville, Illinois, USA
5276 Dave Burke Hamilton, Ontario
6752 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
6824 Bernd Germany
7202 Steven Holland Florida, USA
7469 Steven Holland Florida, USA
7503 Steven Holland Florida, USA

Sonic Temple 3" CD Collection (UK):

Number: Name: Location:
-None- Jon Taylor BC, Canada
-None- Steven Holland Florida, USA
-None- Rick Florida, USA
-None- Pierre Capt Switzerland
-None- Alfredo Italy
-None- Dave Burke Hamilton, Ontario
-None- Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands
-None- Luca O Roma, Italy
-None- Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
0333 Mikko Gronoff Oulu, Finland
1309 Simon Keegan Worthing, England
1614 Viddy Brighton, England
1762 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
2110 Paul Northamptonshire, England
2885 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
3271 Bart Zwevezele, Belgium
3907 Marc Ilari Liege, Belgium
4411 Bart Zwevezele, Belgium
4727 Jeff Snavely -
4873 Caesar Dusseldorf, Germany
5217 Paul Northamptonshire, England
6179 Liane Seligman Sao Paulo, Brazil
6341 Heidi Bray BC, Canada
8884 Darryl Vyse Coventry, England

Sweet Soul Sister Picture Disk (UK):

Number: Name: Location:
203 Jason Willoughby Cullman, AL, USA
752 Kenny Amsterdam, Netherlands
785 Dave Vancouver, BC, Canada
792 Bernd Germany
1548 Dave Anderson Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2938 Darryl Vyse Coventry, England
3061 Jason New York, NY, USA
3813 Steven Holland Florida, USA
3948 Jon Taylor BC, Canada
4207 Grace London, England
4482 Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands
4547 Paul Northamptonshire, England
4919 Steven Holland Florida, USA
5012 Joseph Sanchez Laguna Niguel, California
5196 Pierre Capt Switzerland
5647 Dafydd Jones London, England
5767 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
6041 Viddy Brighton, England
6175 Alfredo Italy
7386 Heidi Bray BC, Canada
8091 Bernd Germany
8180 Chris Oxford, UK
8516 Rick Florida, USA

Heart Of Soul 12" Single (UK):

Number: Name: Location:
974 Dave Burke Hamilton, Ontario
1525 Alfredo Italy
1715 Chris Oxford, UK
2649 Steven Holland Florida, USA
3999 Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands
6194 Dafydd Jones London, England
6850 Pierre Capt Switzerland
7026 G Haase Leipzig, Germany
8189 Bernd Germany
8431 Darryl Vyse Coventry, England
10925 Jason Willoughby Cullman, AL, USA
10987 Adam San Antonio, Texas
10995 Paul Northamptonshire, England
11262 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
11700 Dave Vancouver, BC, Canada
12449 Saefix Helsinki, Finland
12461 Heidi Bray BC, Canada

Heart Of Soul CD Single Digipak (UK):

Number: Name: Location:
1 Dave Leeds, England
1 Grace London, England
54 Marco P Italy
305 Robert Nehro Sweden
307 Darryl Vyse Coventry, England
471 Dave Burke Hamilton, Ontario
918 Luca O Roma, Italy
1131 Mark Wyatt North Carolina
3050 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
5119 Mikiko Tokyo, Japan
5574 Ruediger NRW, Germany
5655 Patrick & Ilona Goirle, Holland
6966 Hans Willemse Hoogerheide, Netherlands
6985 Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands
7176 Chris Oxford, UK
7209 Manny Albuquerque, New Mexico
7669 Joseph Sanchez Laguna Niguel, California
7735 Joseph Sanchez Laguna Niguel, California
8074 Gerard Haverkort Holland
8386 Mark Wyatt North Carolina
8400 Marc Ilari Leige, Belgium
9469 Pierre Capt Switzerland
9941 Grey Williams Atlanta, Georgia
10387 Viddy Brighton, England
10551 Christian Copenhagen, Denmark
10564 Tommy Oulu, Finland
10972 Bernd Germany
11390 Kathy Australia
11441 Natxo Catalonia, Spain
12627 Denise Warwick, RI, USA
13830 Rick Florida, USA
14036 Paul Northamptonshire, England
14057 Jason Willoughby Cullman, AL, USA
14314 Caesar Dusseldorf, Germany
14692 Steven Holland Florida, USA
15148 Alfredo Italy
15209 Dave Vancouver, BC, Canada
15870 The Phoenix Beausoleil, France
16256 Heidi Bray BC, Canada
16982 Dafydd Jones London, England
17518 Steven Holland Florida, USA
17523 Mark Greene Tennessee, USA
17906 G Haase Leipzig, Germany

Cult: Necronomicon - List of Bootlegs (US):

Number: Name: Location:
11 Jon Taylor BC, Canada

Cult Demos Box Set (UK):

Number: Name: Location:
31 Steven Holland Florida, USA
35 Linda Mayle USA
38 Marco P Italy
135 Fred France
136 Mark Ellershaw Sandbach, Chesire, England
154 Michel Bleeker Groningen, Netherlands
156 Jay Winslow USA
208 Eric H Alberta, Canada
210 Hans Willemse Hoogerheide, Netherlands
216 Pierre Capt Switzerland
273 Caesar Dusseldorf, Germany
286 Dave Florida, USA
289 Richard Sloot Vlaardingen, Netherlands
364 Patrick & Ilona Goirle, Holland
406 Darryl Vyse Coventry, England
436 Kamil Szymanski Vancouver, BC, Canada
546 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
551 Bernd Germany
617 Bart Zwevezele, Belgium
638 Alfredo Italy
639 Steven Holland Florida, USA
757 Christian New York, USA
779 Heidi Bray Victoria, BC, Canada
788 Rob Olsen Temecula, CA
830 Derek Wilkie Calgary, AB
896 Mikiko Tokyo, Japan
915 Chris Oxford, UK
916 Dave Burke Hamilton, Ontario
924 Dafydd Jones London, England
955 Fletch Glasgow, Scotland
972 Mark Wyatt North Carolina
1053 Kathy Australia
1097 Nick Trentadue -
1176 Saefix Helsinki, Finland
1338 Doug Tobiczyk Detroit, MI
1355 Tommy Oulu, Finland
1410 Jeff Snavely -
1462 Robert Nehro Sweden
1563 Luca O Roma, Italy
1616 Anthony Coviello New Jersey, USA
1617 Joseph Sanchez Laguna Niguel, California
1646 The Phoenix Beausoleil, France
1697 Ken Aldridge San Diego, CA
1713 Bruce Albertson USA
1834 Babis Athens, Greece
1847 Lode Wingene, Belgium
1920 Dave Vancouver, BC, Canada
1952 Chad Scott Madisonville, KY, USA
1969 Jay Enyart Belleville, Illinois, USA
2170 Vasiliy Veselov Moscow, Russia
2258 Mark Greene Tennessee, USA
2268 Ruediger NRW, Germany
2280 Natxo Catalonia, Spain
2285 Beanie S Richmond, VA, USA
2337 Paul Northamptonshire, England
2340 Gerard Haverkort Holland
2351 Jason Willoughby Cullman, AL, USA
2380 Paul Northamptonshire, England
2400 Steven Holland Florida, USA
2486 Liane Seligman Sao Paulo, Brazil
2494 Manny Albuquerque, NM, USA
2506 Allen C Fairfax, VA, USA
2514 Frank Weber Germany
2519 Erol Oztan Atlanta, GA, USA

The Cult Live 2006:

Number: Venue: Name: Location:
11 Atlantic City, NJ Bruce Albertson USA
49 Atlantic City, NJ Bruce Albertson USA
239 Atlantic City, NJ Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
602 Austin, TX Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
1054 Austin, TX Bruce Albertson USA
895 Boston, MA Bruce Albertson USA
1053 Boston, MA Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
1056 Boston, MA Bruce Albertson USA
713 Buffalo, NY Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
1046 Buffalo, NY Bruce Albertson USA
946 Cabazon, CA Bruce Albertson USA
999 Cabazon, CA Mark Wyatt North Carolina
1373 Cabazon, CA Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
195 Chicago, IL Jason Willoughby Cullman, Alabama
228 Chicago, IL Jason Willoughby Cullman, Alabama
374 Chicago, IL Jon Taylor Victoria, BC
719 Chicago, IL Bruce Albertson USA
754 Chicago, IL Bruce Albertson USA
783 Chicago, IL Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
885 Chicago, IL Mark Wyatt North Carolina
662 Cleveland, OH Bruce Albertson USA
1242 Cleveland, OH Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
486 Detroit, MI Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
1088 Detroit, MI Bruce Albertson USA
656 Fort Worth, TX Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
588 Houston, TX Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
972 Houston, TX Bruce Albertson USA
470 Las Vegas, NV Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
695 Las Vegas, NV Bruce Albertson USA
777 Las Vegas, NV Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
1298 Los Angeles, CA Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
847 Minneapolis, MN Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
999 New York, NY Mark Wyatt North Carolina
1351 New York, NY Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
352 San Diego, CA Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
1054 San Diego, CA Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
1466 San Diego, CA Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
368 San Francisco, CA Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
422 San Francisco, CA Mark Wyatt North Carolina
1397 San Francisco, CA Bruce Albertson USA
1225 Tempe, AZ Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
332 Tulsa, OK Mark Wyatt North Carolina
501 Tulsa, OK Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
726 Tulsa, OK Bruce Albertson USA
591 Washington, DC Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK
993 Washington, DC Bruce Albertson USA

Capsule 1 12" Clear Vinyl Every Man & Woman Is A Star (UK):

Number: Name: Location:
80 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK

Born Into This (Pink Vinyl):

Number: Name: Location:
MOV000551 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK

Sonic Temple 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set:

Number: Name: Location:
169 Colin Ursus-Thanatoid UK